Aus Metamorphosis:

                                        Come Clean


Let's go back

Back to the beginning

Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned


'cause perfekt didn't feel so perfect

Trying to fit a square into a circle

Was no life defy



Let the rain fall down

And wake my dreams

Let it wash away

My sanity

'cause I wanna feel the thunder

I wanna scream

Let the rain fall down

I'm coming clean,I'm coming clean


I'm shedding

Shedding every color

Trying to find a pigment of truth

Beneath my skin


'cause different

Doesn't feel so different

And going out is better

Then always staying in




I'm coming clean

Let the rain fall

Let the rain fall

I'm coming clean




Let's go back

Back to the beginning

                             Party up


You are driving me out of my mind

'cause you take me everywhere but out at night

What more do you need for me to get with you



I didn't see this coming

Why don't you start me up?

There's no more messin' around

(Come on and light me up)

This could be the start of something

Why don't you party up

Time for you to come on down


I dram about it in my sleep

You seem to like me better when I creep

This time I won't lose




You roll me, you use me, you love me and then

You wrap me up and reel me in and use me again

You love me, you hate me, you say it's the end

I know your gonna do it again and again




                                                         So Yesterday


You can change your life - if you wanna

You can change your clothes - if you wanna

If you change your mind

Well, that's the way it goes

but I'm gonna keep your jeans

And your old black hat - ´cause I wanna

They look good on me

You're never gonna get them back

At least not today, not today ´cause


If it's over, let it go and

Come tomorrow it will seem

So Yesterday, so yesterday

I'm just a bird that's already flown away

Laugh it off, let it go and

When you wake up it will seem

So yesterday, so yesterday

Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay

You can say you're bored - if you wanna

You can act real tough - if you wanna

You can say you're torn

But I've heard enough

Thank you .... you made my mind up for me

When you started to ignore me

Do you see a single tear

It isn't gonna happen here

At least not today, not today, not today ´cause


If you're over me, I'm already over you

lf it's all been done, what is left to do

How can you hang up if the line is dead

If you wanna walk, I'm a step ahead

If you're moving on, I'm already gone

If the light is off then it isn't on

At least not today, not today, not today ´cause



                                    Workin´it out

Some days I start off draggin´my feet

Some days I want to fly

Some days it all makes sense to me

Some days I just don't want to know why


Hey,hey - I'm not giving up, no

Gonna stand up and shout it

No way - I'm not slackin´off or backin´out or crackin´up with doubt

I'm workin´it out


Sometimes I'm just surrounded by friends

Sometimes we've never met

Sometimes I pray for someting I need

But hey, you never know what you're gonna get and





I'ts hard enough to be what you are

Harder to be what you're not

It's hard to know what you need to get

Harder to know what you've got



                              Where did I go right


Im  always too late

I see the train leaving

Im always laughing

when Its not cool to smile

Im always aiming

but somehow keep missing

so how did you get here something is wrong



Where did I go right

how did I get you

how come all this blue sky is around me

and you found me

where did I go right

how did I get you

I dont know how I did

but somehow now I do


Im always driving

forget where Im going


should have turned left

but I was singing some song

and I, I am arriving

as everyones leaving

but there you are waiting

something is wrong




makes no sense to me

no It isnt clear

but somehow youre standing here

something gets to me

Its that nothing is wrong




                           Anywhere but here


When Im in a crowd

Or on an Island by myself

Silent or too loud

Wishing I was somewhere else

And I cant belive

You hit me fast and hard

When you turn to me and say

Never change the way you are


Trying to catch your eye

Things will never look the same

Now I cant deny

Youre the moth and Im the flame

There I go again

I should wald before I run

How can I explain

I cant stop what youve begun



Im falling through the door

Flaying cross the foor

When you look at me suddenly Its clear

Youre burning up my dreams

crazy as It seems

I dont wanna be anywhere but here

Anywhere but here


What goes on inside

Is a mystery no doubt

A roller coaster ride I may never work It out

Heres the brand new me

Skates around and floats on air

Im a sight to see

Rainbow colours in my hair

You haveset me free

The one who gets me there




Here is the place where

My head is spinning

Time is beginning

To race away when

You come to throw me

Knock me off my feet You give me whings to fly

The world goes crashing by again





                            Litte Voice


I wont tell you what Im

thinking cause Its not

the same

thing youre thinking

too you could say I

got a best friend and shes alway

telling me what to do


shes out of sight but easy to find

shes in the front of my mind



The little voice in my head wont let me forget

the little voice in my head is never misled

all of this nouse is what keeps me from making a mess

the little voice in my head just wont let me get with you


La la la la la...


WhenI see you I admit

I start to lose my grip and all of my cool

you smell so sweetjust like my perfume

what have we been doing since I left you


Youre always there always there in my thoughts

but that doesnt mean that Its on




I know I sound insane, like Im playing games

causes all I really want is you

but there are some things are girl wont do



Andere Songs:

                                 Our lips are sealed


Can u hear them
They talk about us

Telling lies
Well, that's no surprise

Can u see them
See right through them

They have no shield
No secrets to reveal

It doesnt matter what they say
In the jealous games people play
Our lips are sealed

Verse Two:
There's a weapon
That we must use

In our defence

spreading rumors
So far from true

Draged up from the underworld
Just like some precious pearl

Chorus x1

Pay no mind to what they say
It doesnt matter anyway
Our lips are sealed

Hush my darlin'

Don't you cry

Cryin' angels

Forget their lies

Verse One x1

Chorus x1

Pay no mind to what they say
It doesnt matter anyway

Our lips are sealed x3



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